Profit Driven Marketing is an approach that attempts to make marketing a profit centre

profit driven marketing

Adwords Is a Great Profit Driven Marketing Strategy

With 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide Google AdWords is the obvious place to start. People are searching in Google for the products and services that you sell. Get in touch with us and ask for a free revenue model and  free three month plan.

Profit Driven Marketing

Conceptually it is very easy to understand. If you earn more than you spend, then you have achieved a profit. In practice it can be a little challenging to track the true revenue and profit contribution from the ad.

For transaction websites revenue can be measured and attributed to a campaign, ad or search term. For websites that want sales leads the cost of achieving leads can be tracked and attributed to a campaign, ad or search term.

Over time you learn what works, what sells and what does not.

This is a process – it is not a silver bullet. The key steps are as follows;

  1. Create a revenue or lead flow model
  2. Get the measurement technology working
  3. Design and launch a campaign
  4. Optimise for revenue or profit contribution

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Why Dynamic Creative for Your Profit Driven Marketing Services?

Our team are not just Google trained and certified digital marketing experts. They also understand cashflows, revenues cost and profits.  We will put a budget and forecast together for you and a plan of the strategies required to achieve your goal.

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