How to Create an AdWords Account

This document will outline how to create an AdWords account and add a payment method to it. If you already have an AdWords account with a valid payment method which you would like to use, you can skip this step.

How to Create an AdWords Account for Ad Champion

  1. To create a Google AdWords account go to and click start now.
  2. You will then see a screen as pictured below. Click “Skip the guided setup”. The guided setup includes things that we don’t need to do to get shopping campaigns up and running.
how to create an adwords account
  1. You will then see a screen like below. Enter the email address for the Google account we created earlier. You will also need to set the country, timezone and currency of the account. Be careful to select these correctly, as they cannot be change after account creation:
adwords signup: enter email, country, timezone, currency.
  1. Once you have entered these details you will receive a verification email link from Google. Click this link to confirm your email address and confirm the account.
  2. Lastly you need to setup billing on the account. Click on the cog icon, then Billing & payments.
Adwords account page - "billing and payments" highlighted
  1. You will then be prompted to put in billing details for the account and a credit card as a payment method:
    1. Country – Select the country in which your billing address is located
    2. Name and Address – The name and billing address for your business
    3. Credit Card – Details of the credit card which will be used to pay for AdWords

Result: You now have an AdWords account setup to run Shopping campaigns.

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