Data Studio Google Shopping Dashboard

This is a free Google Shopping dashboard built with Google Data Studio. You can use it with Ad Champion Shopping but it can also work with any active Google Shopping AdWords Account.

Why Use This Google Shopping Dashboard?

  1. It is configured to track ROAS as the primary and only goal
  2. Tracks performance on geography, device type, age, gender, time of day and day of month
  3. It is absolutely free to download and to use. All you need is an active Google Shopping Campaign
  4. It only tracks Google Shopping Campaigns – all other ad types have been filtered out (you can add other metrics if you wish)

Follow the steps below and you are minutes away from a real-time dashboard to track the performance of your AdWords campaigns in Google Data Studio.

Step 1 Make a Copy of the Dashboard

Get the Google Shopping Dashboard Here.  If you do not already have a data studio account, you will be guided through the normal set up process. Remember to sign in with the same Google account that you used for AdWords.

Once you get to the dashboard, make a copy as per the image below. At this point, your Google Shopping dashboard is just a pre-configured shell.

google shopping dashboard - make a copy

 Step 2 – Connect your Adwords Account

Make sure that you connect an AdWords account that is running a Google Shopping Campaign. If you can’t see AdWords in the selection click create a new data source.  As long as you have used the same email to log in to data studio as you do to login to AdWords you should see your Account.

Click connect and you are done.

google shopping dashboard connect to adwords
Google Shopping Dashboard - Copy This Dashboard

Step 3 – Your Dashboard is ready

Your Ad Champion Google Shopping Dashboard will look something like this

ad champion shopping dashboard
ad champion shopping dashboard 2