Ad Champion Shopping Software Help

Ad Champion Shopping help section is intended to guide a user with a moderate understanding of AdWords to create a granular (longtail) automated Google Shopping campaign. Ad Champion Shopping bridges the gap between your website and Google’s AdWords Shopping platform. Ad Champion will take you through the process of setting up a professional Google Shopping campaign. Once the campaign is setup, you can use the DC Optimizer Predictive Bidding suite to automate the optimisation of your campaign and Data Studio Performance Dashboard to track your ROAS.

How to Sign up and Log in to Ad Champion Shopping

To sign up or log in to Ad Champion shopping, you will need an active Google account. Once you have logged on you will find a link back to this Ad Champion shopping help section.

1- Enter Your Website Details  into Ad Champion Shopping

Enter your website name and website domain name into Ad Champion.

website details - ad champion shopping help

2- Link Your Google AdWords and Merchant Centre Accounts

Ad Champion will use your AdWords Client Id and Merchant Center Id to publish campaigns into Google via the AdWords API.

You will need an active AdWords account and an active Merchant Center account.

link accounts - ad champion shopping help

3 – Enter Your Merchant Centre Feed.

Ad Champion will use your feed to automatically create an ultra-granular Google Shopping campaign and publish it to Adwords. This will be updated and synchronised daily.

Shopping Feed - Ad Champion Shopping Help

4 – Publish Your Campaign

Ad Champion will publish your Google Shopping Campaign to your Adwords account and keep it up-to-date daily. AdGroups are published into AdWords by Ad Champion as enabled. It is recommended you consider geographical targeting before enabling them. Automatic optimisation of campaigns will begin as performance data becomes available.

Bids and Budgets can be adjusted in AdWords after publication in AdWords. We recommend that you use Target ROAS Smart Bidding. These can be in whatever currency you have specified for your AdWords account.

Publish - Ad Champion Shopping Help

Need Expert to Ad Champion Shopping Help?

We can offer you a Professional Onboarding service for $550.

If you need extra help check out our Google Shopping Management Service.

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