Google Shopping Optimization with DC Optimizer

DC Optimizer is a Google Shopping optimization tool kit designed to get the best Cost Per Acquisition or Return on Ad Spend for your AdWords Campaigns. DC Optimizer’s Google shopping Optimisation is only available on google campaigns that have been built with Ad Champion Shopping  The result of DC Optimizer is better performing campaigns for devices, geographies, and remarketing lists.

Powerful Predictive Google Shopping Optimization Algorithms

The DC Optimizer suit collects enough data until it is sure that it can predict the outcome of future clicks then make an adjustment.  This process runs daily.

How to  start DC Optimizer
How to turn off DC Optimizer
What the automated predictive negative queries optimization does
What the automated predictive bid modifiers do
How to Enable Target ROAS Smart Bidding 

How to Start DC Optimizer

IMPORTANT DC Optimizer Google Shopping Optimization only words with campaigns built with Ad Champion Shopping.

DC Optimizer starts the Google Shopping Optimization process once you put a “DC Optimizer” label on your AdWords account. DC Optimizer will then start automatically on any campaign built by Ad Champion Shopping. It automatically determines whether ROAS or CPA is the goal. Depending on traffic volume it can take a couple of days or several months to make an adjustment.

Google Shopping Optimization

How to Turn off DC Optimizer

This “DC Optimizer” label, in effect, acts as the on and off switch. If you wish to stop DC Optimizer from working just simple delete the label. You can always create a new label in AdWords called “DC Optimizer” to turn it back on.

What the Automated Predictive Negative Query Optimization Does

Each Ad Group is checked to find search queries that are triggering in Shopping or AdWords Campaigns that are unlikely to result in a sale. When these queries are found they are automatically set as negative. This process is sometimes referred to as traffic shaping.

What the Automated Predictive Bid Modifiers do

Bid modifiers are set each day based on the likelihood of the outcome of a click to result in a conversion (this can be CPA or ROAS). If they are likely to result in favorable outcome the bids adjusters are increased, if they are unlikely then the bids adjusters are decreased.  

The following bid modifiers are currently supported by DC Optimizer:

  1. Geographical,
  2. Device type,
    1. Computers,
    2. Tablets with full browsers &
    3. Mobile devices with full browsers
  3. Remarketing lists

How to Enable Target ROAS Smart Bidding

This is a setting that is accessible from your AdWords campaign management screen. Follow the instructions below. learn more about Google Smart Bidding

Google Shopping Optimization