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This Google AdWords help blog is written by the Dynamic Creative team and from a search engine marketer’s perspective. Learn with us as we navigate our way through what’s new in AdWords and Google Shopping and learn new optimisation techniques. You may also find how to use Ad Champion Software useful.

Google AdWords Help

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This blog is written from a search engine marketer’s perspective. If you were trying to find Google’s AdWords Help Center, here it is.

Bidding on Branded Keywords

To Bid or Not to Bid? That is the Question, Right! It is important to remember one thing when deciding if you bid on branded keywords or not. There is nothing stopping others from bidding on them. The main reason to bid on your brand keywords, if for no other reason, is just to stop your competitors from doing so. Go to Branded keywords Blogs.

Google Shopping

The rise of eCommerce means that Google Shopping is now a hygiene factor in Google Adwords. What started as free PLAs through a Merchant Center account has now morphed into one of the more complex ad types in AdWords. This is because it involves getting a product feed, optimising the feed and then structuring an AdWords campaign that can be optimised at the product level while complimenting the accompanying AdWords Campaign. Go to Google Shopping Blogs.

Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic Remarketing is one of the more successful advertising techniques. This is because you are targeting a group of customers that have already shown some kind of intention to buy your product. Most people think of Dynamic Remarketing as a display ad technique but it can also be applied to search ads. Go to Dynamic Remarketing Blogs.

General Google AdWords Help

This is a broad topic and one of our more populated blog categories where you will find posts about changes that have occurred in Google AdWords over time and general best practices and techniques. Go to Google AdWords Blogs.