Automatically Build & Update Your Google Shopping & Search Campaigns

DC Ad Builder is AdWords automation software that can create thousands of targeted keywords, product and text ads while you drink your morning coffee. Your ads will automatically stay in sync with your website every day.

Google Shopping Automation

Google Shopping Automation

All the tools to create and optimize a Google Merchant Center product feed and automatically create a well structured AdWords campaign that stays synchronized with Google.

Your Google Shopping campaigns will be structured according to brand and website category, giving you flexibility in how you allocate your budgets. They will then be partitioned at the individual product level, giving you visibility into which products are performing best and the ability to capitalize on this knowledge through machine learning.

Google Search Ad Automation

Google Search Ad Automation

The more your ads and landing pages are relevant to the keywords your customers are searching for, the more likely you are to get a sale and the less you will pay per click.

This means you need highly granular AdWords campaigns that match your customers’ search terms to the brands and categories listed on your website. Manually building such campaigns is both time consuming and error prone, particularly on websites with large inventories.

Get the tools to build highly granular search campaigns. Each website category and brand will have its own ad group, ad and landing page, all specific to the keywords for that category or brand. Thousands of these ad groups can be generated in a fraction of the time of manual builds. Ads are generated using proven templates, incorporating category and brand data, as well as elements of your own brand narrative. Ad extensions such as sitelinks are also automated, saving time and improving your ad quality and prominence.

Integrated eCommerce Platforms

Integrated eCommerce Platforms

Getting your products, brands and categories programmatically imported into the Dynamic Creative and Google system generally requires software development effort. To reduce cost and time to getting you up and running, we have integrated our feed generation systems with some common eCommerce platforms. If your website is built with an integrated eCommerce platform you can seamlessly import your website product, brand and category details into Dynamic Creative without incurring additional feed creation cost.

The platforms we are currently integrated with are:

Automated Updates

Automated AdWords Campaign Updates

Building an AdWords campaign is a vital first step to advertising in Google. But over time your website will change and your performance will drop, as you pay to advertise products, brands, and categories no longer in stock, and miss out on advertising newly added products, brands and categories.

Dynamic Creative’s Ad Automation will automatically update your AdWords campaigns using the data from your website feed. Whenever a new product or category is added to your website and appears in your feed, Dynamic Creative will automatically create new campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords and ad extensions to match. On the other hand, as items go out of stock, Dynamic Creative will automatically pause ad groups that are no longer relevant, so that you don’t pay for ads that will not result in a sale.

Automated Google Merchant Center Product Feed Updates

In order to show ads in Google Shopping, you must list all of your products in Google Merchant Center. Google review all new Merchant Center feeds and compare the data with what is found on your website to make sure it matches. They also periodically re-review your feed. Google will disapprove any items that show incorrect prices, meaning they will no longer show in Google Shopping. If too many products are out of date, they will disapprove the entire feed and none of your products will show.

Dynamic Creative will automatically generate a Google Merchant Center Product Feed, using the information from your website. Any update to your website – landing page, description, price – will then flow through to your product feed automatically. If a product is moved to a new category, both your product feed and your AdWords campaigns product subdivisions will be updated at the same time.

Features & Support

What you Get with our AdWords Automation Software

  • eCommerce & Auto Dealer Campaign Templates
  • Google Shopping Ad Automation
  • Google Search Ad Automation
  • Support For Non-Integrated Platforms
  • Google Shopping Feed Categorisation
  • Product Title Optimisation
  • Category Rewrites for Search Ads
  • Automated Campaign Updates
  • 8×5 Helpdesk Support
  • Google Recommended Updates
  • Support for Non-Integrated Platforms
  • Monthly Optimisation Pairing (Optional)

Prices start at US$95 pm – See Full Pricing