Google ads, direct from your eCommerce store

Building the right ads takes time and energy… and then you have to keep them up to date based on stock levels, promotions and new AdWords features! Dynamic Creative Ad Builder helps you quickly build and maintain high performing Google Shopping and Search campaigns direct from your website.

High performing ads made easy

Create everything needed for a quality advertising campaign.

Shopping Ads

Build Shopping ads for every product on your website. There is no better way to sell than to show your products, and Google Shopping provides a tremendously visual experience.

Text Ads

Build a text ad for every category, brand and filter. Ad Builder will automatically select matching keywords and landing pages to provide the best search experience and the lowest cost per click possible.

Product Feed

Ad Builder will create a product feed for Google Merchant Center, with product titles, descriptions, prices, categories and images all sourced directly from your website. You can even optimise your product titles to better match what your customers are searching for.

Prices in Ads

By including pricing information in text ads, you can pre-qualify customers. If a customer is not willing to pay your price, they won’t click on your ad… and you won’t pay for the click.

Promotions Feed

Ad Builder will create a promotions feed for Google Merchant Center, using the special offers defined on your website. Let customers know about promotions and discount coupons, right there in the Shopping ad.

Ad Extensions

Automatically build ad extensions such as sitelinks, structured snippets, promotions and more. Extensions make your ads more customer-friendly, and help them to stand out in the search results.

Machine Learning

Ad Builder automatically optimises your campaign structure to allow Google’s sophisticated smart bidding algorithms to deliver you the best possible result. Let the machines work for you!

eCommerce website integration

Directly connect to leading eCommerce platforms.

Dynamic Creative Ad Builder directly integrates with some of the biggest names in eCommerce. Each platform has different features and different ways of doing things. Ad Builder takes of advantage of these features to produce ads with the right landing pages, ad extensions and promotions.

Don’t see your platform listed? Contact us!

Help your team do more

Build and update ad campaigns in a fraction of the time.

Dynamic Creative Ad Builder creates and updates best practice Search and Shopping campaigns with all of the latest AdWords features in a fraction of the time doing it by hand takes. It builds smart bidding, machine learning compatible campaigns which limits the need for manual bid management.

This means your team can spend more time on campaign settings and budget management and less time building ads and manual bidding.

Ad Builder Features