Dynamic Creative Services
Our team, our technology and our processes all have proven track records.  We know what works for different types of businesses.  We are here to help your business and we provide and implement the right strategy depending on your business needs.
Dynamic Creative Services

Google Shopping Management

Shoppers search for specific products when they are in the market and ready to purchase. They search because they have not yet made a decision on who or where to buy from.

Google Shopping ads provide a rich customer experience displaying a picture of the product, the title, its price and availability at the top of the Google search results.

Our services team will use Dynamic Creative Ad Builder to setup your product feeds and Google AdWords accounts. This gives highly granular, product specific ads in Google Shopping.

They then use Google’s Machine Learning to manage your Google Shopping campaign to achieve the highest possible return on advertising spend.

Video & Display Advertising

When you have been found online, are starting to sell online and Shopping and Search are exhausted, it is then we would recommend Display and Youtube advertising.  This is a great way to build awareness but like the best things in life, doesn’t come cheap.  We can certainly work with you on a Display and YouTube strategy if your goal is to gain awareness and impression share.

Google’s AdWords advertising platform also gives you access to the audience-based display and video advertising networks extending your reach to YouTube and many different publishers on the web.  We can help you select the right media channel that matches your advertising goal.