Create & Update your Google Shopping & Search Ads Automatically

The Dynamic Creative Ad Builder is AdWords automation software that can create and update thousands of targeted keywords, expanded text ads, and product listing ads all while you drink your morning coffee.

Your ads will automatically stay in sync with your website every day.

The Dynamic Creative Ad Builder is for advertisers who...

  • Want an affordable and professional quality
    DIY advertising solution.
  • Want to run their own campaigns, with support
    from a Google Partner (we are here to help).

Advertise just like the professionals do

  • Google product feed creation
  • Product title optimisation
  • Fully Automated Shopping Campaigns
  • Best practice (relevant) Expanded Search Ads
  • Daily inventory synchronisation

What you will need to get started

  • Website with a shopping cart
  • A Google Adwords & Merchant Center account
  • An Advertising budget
  • Desire to learn something new

Even if you are brand new to Google advertising, we encourage you to start a free trial (we are here to help).

What you will create with the Dynamic Creative Ad Builder

  • Google product feed
    1. No software development required
    2. Optimise product titles to include category information
    3. Updated daily
  • Google Shopping campaigns
    1. Ads for every product on your website
    2. Designed to leverage Google’s machine learning bidding strategies
    3. Updated daily
  • Google Search campaigns
    1. Ads including price for every brand and category on your site
    2. Designed to leverage Google’s machine learning bidding strategies
    3. Updated daily
  • Support from our feeds team, product, and AdWords specialists (we are here to help)

Our Integrated eCommerce Platform Partners

  • Our team of trained professionals is here to help
  • We are trusted by hundreds of online retailers
  • Patented technology built for online retailers
  • We have been in business for more than 15 years