Fiji Airways

Numbers were up all across the board, from keyword coverage to search impression share. But one trend stood out: “Putting prices in our ad copy was the big key to higher clickthrough rates,” says Christina Templin. That’s when they really began to compete with ― and defeat ― their bigger competitors.

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Discovery Parks

“If someone said they were going to grow the profitability of your search campaigns by nearly 1000% year on year. I think that people would say you were dreaming, but this is what we were able to do with Dynamic Creative. Dynamic Creative technology allows us to efficiently create scalable campaigns across destinations and across interest groups” – CMO Dana Ronan

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Google Partners Bathware Direct

Many retailers come to us running their own successful AdWords. However, when Dynamic Creative took over Bathware Direct’s campaign, revenue in the first month doubled, and after one year, the revenue increased 5 times. The difference is our Ad Platform that can advertise every product, category and subcategory and update them for price and availability.

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Google API

For Dynamic Creative’s clients, the results speak for themselves: Ads displaying price and availability that take users directly to a landing page where they can complete a transaction consistently increase clients’ click-through and conversion rates by over 150%

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Cantik Bali Villas

The Cantik Bali Villa ads include not just prices, but powerful phrases like ‘No Credit Card Fees’ and ‘100% Australian Owned’. “The Dynamic Creative Ad Platform makes it easy for us to test new phrases and text in our ads to learn what works best” – Managing Director Dipak Kumar

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Feeling Sexy

Sales are up for Feeling Sexy — way up.
“We saw a 48.6% increase in revenue between our launch with Dynamic Creative in April and four months later, in August…. July was a huge month, and August has been highest revenue month we’ve ever seen.” – CEO Francis Yamin.

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Icon by Design

“For us, it’s all about results,” says Co-Founder David Light. “And with Dynamic Creative, the results have been so good that we’ve doubled our ad expenditures from what we were spending before. Every time we get an order we ask ‘How did you find us?’ to get a sense of where our business is coming from. And where it’s coming from most of all is our work with Dynamic Creative and AdWords”.

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