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Why Advertise in AdWords

With 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide Google AdWords is the obvious place to start. People are searching in Google for the products and services that you sell. We can help you reach customers that are in the market and ready to make a buying decision.

Stage 1 – Professional Onboarding

Google Account Access

Our Google AdWords experts create and configure your data feed and ensure that it is correctly linked our software. We ensure that the Merchant Center feed it creates contains the necessary attributes to comply with Google’s feed requirements and as many optional attributes as we are able to get from your data. We also categorise and optimise the Merchant Centre feed for the best possible campaign outcome. Finally, our experts setup the necessary conversion tracking codes and test that everything is working correctly. If you do not have existing Google accounts we create new ones for you.

Ad Build

We use our unique Ad Champion software to create highly-granular Google Shopping and Text Ads campaigns that stays in sync with your website inventory and updates campaigns daily. This gives our team complete control on bids and budgets across your complete product catalogue, from top-level categories all the way down to brands, products, and individual SKUs. We set up the DC Optimizer suite to run on your account daily and a performance dashboard for you to track the performance of your campaigns.


Stage 2 – Monthly Management

Ad Champion Software

Our technology platform is purpose built for businesses selling their products and services online. It allows us to create ads using the data from your own inventory. We are able to update ads based on your inventory and pricing in real time. So your campaigns will be more intelligent, and your customers will see the right ad when they start the buying journey, gather information, price check and finally buy.

Budget Management

We will manage your monthly budget. By actively monitoring and managing your AdWords budget we are able to get you real value out of your ad spend. You can rest assured that our expertly trained team will utilise the platform to optimise what spend has been allocated.

Search Query Work

Choose what not to target and keep your negative search queries efficiently managed. AdWords management focuses only on the keywords that will resonate with your customers and your product range. Your ads will only appear in front of interested consumers and increase your return on investment.

Hone in on specific audiences and control which searches trigger your ad. Exact match keyword expansion will help you be more relevant to the consumer’s search.

Machine Learning

We manage Google’s machine learning bid portfolios to optimise for conversions in every auction as part of the smart bidding strategy. The platform algorithms are able to factor in the wide range of parameters that impact campaign performance that a single person or whole agency could ever consider to compute.

Ad Extensions and Sitelinks

Best practice is used to manage your ad extensions and sitelinks. We optimise the messaging in this space and review regularly with you to ensure key messaging and to keep your ads relevant to your potential customers.  

Understanding and Working Towards your Business Goals

Each business is different, as is its goals. AdWords offers multiple options on your bid strategies and is tailored to different types of campaigns. We determine the strategy to take based on your campaign goals.

There may be times when a manual bid override is needed to meet your performance goals. By having a trusted Dynamic Creative advisor on board we are able to change bids for your competitive, high-value biddable items quickly and as necessary.

It is important to review and revise your business goals. As part of our service, we will work with you to identify opportunities for improvement and highlight what has been successful so that we can work together setting your future goals.

A dynamic and well maintained online presence is essential, let us amplify your business to a targeted digital audience with our effective AdWords Management Service.

Why Dynamic Creative for Your AdWords Management Services?

Our AdWords management process starts with understanding your goal and revenue targets. We then put a strategy together to meet your goals.

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