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Google Shopping Software for a better return on your advertising spend

Automated creation of a highly-granular Google Shopping campaign with predictive optimisations

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Ad Champion - Google Shopping Software - Google AdWords Software

Sell your products in Google Shopping like a Pro.

Save hundreds of hours and sell more products by automating a highly-granular Google Shopping campaign. Ad Champion Google Shopping software automatically stays in sync with your website inventory and updates campaigns daily.

The Ad Champion campaign structure gives you complete control on bids and budgets across your complete product catalogue – from top-level categories all the way down to brands, products, and individual SKUs.

Drive the most relevant traffic and eliminate wasted ad spend.

Increase Your ROAS With Predictive Optimizations

The DC Optimizer suite runs periodically until it collects enough data to predict the ROAS outcome of future clicks. It then automatically adjusts the campaigns eliminating hundreds of hours of manual checks and wasted ad spend.

Automated Negative Keywords

DC Optimizer automatically analyses every search query in every ad group and sets negative keywords against those that are unlikely to result in a sale.

Automated Insight Optimisation

DC Optimizer analyses the past behaviour of the aggregate users of your website, and makes automatic bid adjustments to devices, geographies and remarketing lists to drive increased ROAS.

Spend your money targeting the highest spending users, on the right device, in the right location, at the time and day they are most likely to purchase.

And get a free eCommerce Dashboard to track best selling products and ROAS.

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Why use Ad Champion Shopping by Dynamic Creative?

  • Dynamic Creative is an AdWords technology company with 15 years of AdWords Experience
  • We have been automating AdWords campaigns since 2007 and are expert Google API users

Read the case study Google wrote about us.

If you need extra help you can upgrade to a fully managed Google Shopping Management Service at any time.

We are here to help you succeed.

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