Ad Champion Professional
For Advertisers or Agencies

Use Ad Champion Professional to create sophisticated AdWords campaigns with optimal ad relevance and quality score

  • Keywords and ads, grouped for optimal ad relevance
  • Thousands of relevant campaigns in minutes
  • Customise your unique selling points and brand narrative
  • Keyword to landing page user experience mapping
  • Ads stay in sync with your website category and product data

Incredibly easy to create and manage feed based AdWords campaign. Suits eCommerce & Auto Dealer websites.

Keywords & Ads, Grouped for Optimal Ad Relevance

Google’s focus user experience is built into their auction system.

The relevance of your ads contribute to your actual cost per click (CPC). Ad relevance is part of the algorithm Google use to determine your actual CPC.

Ad Champion Professional takes a feed of your website categories product inventory and automatically creates relevant keyword, ads and ad groups. This process also improves your click through rate. Expected click through rate is another part of the algorithm Google use to determine your actual CPC.

  • ad champion - ad relevance

Thousands of Relevant Campaigns
in Minutes

Complete keyword longtail coverage in your campaign structure

Keywords and ads will be created for your brand name, the brands you sell, every category, every subcategory, colour, size and shape or attribute available on your website. Thousands (or tens of thousands) of campaigns and ad groups will be created, each containing relevant keywords and ads. Ad Champion also creates segmented Shopping ad groups for eCommerce websites.

The campaign structure shapes the traffic so the most relevant ad is served in response to a user’s search. This ensures you maintain a high click through rate which will contribute to lowering your cost per click.

Customise your Unique Selling Points
& Brand Narrative

Ad Champion Professional Blends Information That Only You Can Provide With Your Website Data Feed.

The Result – Thousands of automated Ads that look like they have each been meticulously written by hand.

You can add your Brand Narrative and your Unique Selling Points and Ad Champion will do the rest. Ads can also contain a relative price (e.g. Prices From) and Percentage savings.

All of this takes minutes to do through thousands of Ads. This means you can change it just as easily as often as the need arises.

  • ad champion professional customise usp
  • ad champion keyword to landing page mapping

Keyword to Landing Page
User Experience Mapping


Ad Champion Professional maps each keyword and ads to the most relevant landing page on your website.

  1. The customer intent comes from the keyword
  2. An offer is made in the ad (with the option of price and availability)
  3. The customer is taken to a landing page on your site that contains the offer made in the ad

When the user searchers, sees an offer that is appealing and is then taken to a page that matches the offer in the ad, they are far more likely to buy from you.

Ads Stay in Sync with Your Website Category & product Data

Checks Your
Website For Changes

Makes The Required
Changes To Your Campaign

Keeps Your Ads
Updated In Google

Save Hundreds of Hours and Get a Better Return on Investment