Dynamic Creative Managed Service

Dynamic Creative is offered as a managed service. We can design a campaign structure specific to your needs or work to your specifications. We create the campaign and keep it up to date through Automated Inventory Management and you manage the bids and budgets using your existing tools.

We can also translate your inventory-based campaigns into multiple languages.

If you are looking for a full service agency to manage your campaign, contact our premier partner agency e-channel search.

Never miss out on another opportunity

Dynamic Creative expands your campaigns directly based on the products and services in your inventory.

  • inventory-driven campaigns ensure that you are always advertising all of your products
  • complete coverage of keywords and text ads for all of your inventory items
  • add numerous variations and replacement terms for inventory items e.g. ‘Saigon’ for ‘Ho Chi Minh City’

Maximise response

Dynamic Creative quickly and easily builds ads with live variables and ‘Ad Parameters’ that update based on changes in your inventory.

  • insert live variables into your ads such as prices, number of items remaining, savings amounts or percentages and deal end dates
  • the highly engaging, compelling content that’s of high relevance to searchers maximises response
  • your ads remain up to date at all times

Detailed Campaign Structures

Dynamic Creative’s pre-configured Campaign Structures are highly-detailed and optimised. This ensures great campaign performance from the highly relevant, engaging ads that come from matching searcher intent at every step of the search fulfilment chain.

Campaign Structures precisely align all elements of campaign content (Campaigns, Ad groups, Keywords and Ads) to searcher intent, for all items in the product inventory, with unique Ad Groups and content for:

  • Vertical Terms: “Flights”, “Airfares”, “Air Tickets” etc.
  • Intent Terms: “Cheap”, “Budget”, “Affordable” etc.
  • Purchase Terms: “Buy”, “Book”, “Purchase”, “Reserve” etc.
  • Deal Terms: “Deals”, “Offers”, “Bargains” etc.

Dynamic Creative also includes separate Ad Groups for locations based on a Geo-hierarchy from continent down to suburb level. And unique Ad Groups for Destinations, Departures, Round the World Departures and Point-To-Points.

Dynamic Creative—High ROI

Dynamic Creative creates highly relevant, high performance ad campaigns directly from your product inventory feed, through precisely aligning your product inventory with search intent to dynamically create relevant, engaging ads.

  • engaging ads ensure high click-through, maximising traffic
  • long tail campaigns deliver lower average CPCs
  • high CTR results in high quality score and even lower CPCs
  • high relevance from matching search intent to inventory gives qualified visitors, ready to convert and more orders
  • more orders and lower CPCs results in lower Cost Per Order and higher ROI

Results that will blow your mind

  1. Dynamic Creative doubled the CTR for ebay Deals - View the Case Study
  2. Within 2 months, Dynamic Creative increased conversions for Contiki by 98% while decreasing Cost Per Acquisition by 47%.
  3. In 3 months, Dynamic Creative reduced Quickbed’s Cost Per Order by 38% from $36 to $22.

Complex inventories made simple

Dynamic Creative is a comprehensive solution for online marketers with large and complex inventories, such as Retailers and Travel sites, including OTAs as well as travel vertical specialist sites.

Dynamic Creative includes pre-configured Campaign Structures for key industry verticals such as:

Minimise wastage

Dynamic Creative automatically turns ads on and off as inventory changes; as items come in and out of stock.

  • update campaigns from inventory on any schedule you choose, as frequently as your stock levels or prices change; whether that’s hourly, daily or weekly
  • you don’t waste any budget advertising products that you can’t sell

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