Turbocharge your productivity and scale your creativity. 

Build a profit driven advertising model

profit driven marketing software

Create a forecast for your AdWords, Shopping and Remarketing campaigns and track the progress daily. Go beyond the standard metrics and dive deeper into the revenue and profit generated from your ads.

This is an essential tool for managing your true return on investment.

Organise your daily priorities and tasks

agile marketing software

Organise regular work in progress meetings and prioritise your tasks.  Keep yourself, your team and customers aligned and organised with a built-in Agile Kanban digital wall board. 

This is an essential tool for successful work in progress meetings.

Where does it work

Australia’s leading online department store achieves a 250% increase in sales.

Ads created on The Dynamic Creative Ad Platform featured conditional variables such as Lowest Price and % Savings. These ads were automatically updated in real time using information from the website.

These campaigns created by The Dynamic Creative™ Ad Automation Platform delivered a higher conversion rate (82% higher) and more sales (250% increase) to the online store than the regular Search Ads.

Dynamic Creative enables e-tailer to decrease Cost Per Click by 19% and increase Conversions by 14%

Powered by The Dynamic Creative Ad Automation Platform, VaccuumSpot was able to incorporate highly granular ads with tailored ad creative, use deep-linking content to specific Brands & Product Types and use the Dynamic Creative negative keyword tool to automatically remove non-performing keywords.

In just 6 months, VacuumSpot reported an increase in Conversions (14%) and Average Position (20%) whilst successfully decreasing their Cost Per Click (CPC) by 19% and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) by 11%.

What our customers say

Dynamic Creative’s flexible technology solution enables us to provide a better search marketing campaign.

Henry Susanto
Digital Marketing Consultant


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