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Useful Ads to the Consumer are Profitable for the Advertiser

Imagine a customer sitting on a train, looking at their smart phone and trying to buy online. Faced with a sea of vaguely related products and advertisements, they suddenly see your product with the price and availability.  

They click and they buy.  The sale is won because yours was the most relevant search ad. You have managed your search ad campaign better than your competition and have given the customer a better internet search experience through responding to your brand's advertisement.

You can Advertise Every Item and Category on Your Website 

Our unique technology platform creates a Google Ad for every category, sub-category, promotional item, product, service or destination that’s listed on your website. Ads are published with pricing and availability information and then hourly kept up-to-date. Ads for unavailable products and categories are turned off so you don't waste money on products you don't have. 

Ads With Price do Perform Better

Pricing qualifies customers before they click. If they don't like the price they won't click, therefore saving you money. If they are happy with the advertised price, they will click and be more likely to convert to a customer. 

We Take all the Risk Out of the Process

We'll Get You Started Easily and Risk Free By Providing a:

Free Audit of Your Campaign & Account
Free Revenue (or Lead Flow) Model Specific to Your Business
Free Three Month Plan Written by our Experts

And if this is all ok with you, we'll also provide you with a: 

Free Technical Integration  - Which includes all tracking, dashboards, measurement and new campaign set up.  

The next step is to schedule your first meeting with our team. It’s a 30 minute call to start and you get up to 25 hours of professional digital and technical consulting free of charge.
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What Happens Next and What do You Get? 

Getting You Started is Easy and Risk Free

Let's start with an Initial discussion to make sure that our service and technology is the best fit for your business needs. 

Contact us to schedule your first meeting or take a look at our Team Calendar for a time that suits you.

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